No.1 for Samsung Galaxy S2 in terms of use of negative temperature

Smartphone Samsung GALAXY S2 has achieved outstanding results in an independent test, which aimed to determine which phones are functional in terms of temperatures well below 0 degrees. The Finnish magazine, MikroPC, demonstrated that Samsung phones can operate at temperatures between 38 and -20 degrees C.

Technical team from MikroPC tested 15 of the most popular mobile phones available in Finland, in the Weather Room, located in the Research Centre VTT Espoo, Finland. This laboratory specialized in research offers full control of internal temperature, which means that the temperatures indicated by the measuring apparatus can be modified even a fraction of a degree.

MikroPC found that smartphone at low temperatures is Samsung GALAXY S2, which ran up when temperatures reached -35 degrees Celsius. GALAXY S2 was also smartphone has continued to function smoothly when the temperature reached -30 degrees Celsius. Even if Android Xcover not part of the balancing test between the best selling 15 mobile phones, it behaved as good as Galaxy S2.


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