LG brings Tegra 2, LTE and Android 3.0 on its future handset

LG Tegra 2 with Android 3.0 and LTEA new LG with Android OS was leaked out today by Engadget. It is a 4G LTE handset that packs a dual-core Tegra 2 processor from NVIDIA and can record 1080p video.

LG is the first company that announced a Tegra 2 handset, this announcement was made about a month ago via press release. The plan was that LG will launch both a Tegra 2 handset and tablet before Q4, but because the Gingerbread will arrive later this year, a delay was made in order that both of these two LG tablet and smartphone to have Android 3.0 on board. The LG Tegra 2 handset will launch on Verizon.

So, we’ll have to wait a little more, until January 5th exactly, when LG will unveil at CES this Android 3.0 smartphone with Tegra 2 processor.

It’s going to be a tough competition because Motorola is also launching a Tegra 2 smartphone named Motorola Olympus (MB860). The Tegra 2 processor is expected to offer “up to 2x faster web browsing and up to 5x faster gaming performance”.

I’m waiting for a battle between those two LG and Motorola Tegra 2 handsets to see which is better and wins, but i’ll just have to wait.

[Via Engadget]

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