Acer Cloudmobile S500 – broken screen a big problem if you want to change


acer-cloudmobile-broken-screenProbably most cheap smartphone I ever see on the markets, Acer Cloudmobile is a great smartphone for only 200 euros without contract on Orange carrier, but it has a big disadvantage when you want to fix something in service, because Acer Mobile does not provide any component for this smartphone.

The only solution to repair your smartphone is to pay again 200 euros to buy another one with the condition to teach the old phone damaged, what is not delightful for any client.

In my case, I drop the phone on the floor and I broke his digitizer. The screen works perfect, but the glass on the top was broken and now the screen makes no answer when it is touched. If you want to find a new screen with digitizer or without, you can`t find on any only store like Amazon or eBay.


Anyone else have this problem, but still managed to repair the phone?


  • Jack

    Same problem for me…

  • George

    I think so there is no solution to replace the screen or digitizer of this smartphone because Acer does not provide spare parts for their devices. The single way to have a new device is to send the old damaged smartphone for another one paying a fee.

  • Davide

    Exactly same problem for me. Too bad knowing Acer doesn’t provide spare parts…

  • Marian

    hy, i broke my glass to. i search the net for 2 days now and nothfing. wope someone will find a solution the digitizer is glue to the screen.

  • Hey… in my case.. the headset broke… I could only use my phone on speaker to make calls.. so I’ve sent it back to Orange (it was in warranty) and they had to replace my phone with a new one.. I was shocked at first because they couldn’t repair a minor problem like a headset… But if you say that Acer does not provide spare parts…seems I got my answer…

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