Acer Cloudmobile S500 – broken screen a big problem if you want to change


Probably most cheap smartphone I ever see on the markets, Acer Cloudmobile is a great smartphone for only 200 euros without contract on Orange carrier, but it has a big disadvantage when you want to fix something in service, because Acer Mobile does not provide any component for this smartphone. The only solution to repair your smartphone is to pay […]

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Tegra 2 3D and Tegra 3 Quad-core Cortex-A9 to arrive in 2011

After the release of the first smartphone with dual-core Tegra 2 chipset, Nvidia prepares two new chip versions, the Tegra 2 3D and Tegra 3 Quad-core. The future Tegra 2 3D processor will be available in two models, one for Tablet PC’s named T25 with dual Cortex-A9 that will offer a speed up to 1.2 GHz (5520 MIPS). The Tegra […]

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Qualcomm releases a new Snapdragon processor: MSM8960

A new generation of Snapdragon processors are preparing to be unleashed, promising some blazing speeds. The well known Qualcomm company announced its upcoming Snapdragon chipset, the MSM8960, which will outperform their first set of snapdragon chips for Android devices, by nearly five times. Snapdragon MSM8960 will feature a 28-nanometer processor which uses 75 percent less power and support for LTE […]

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ARMADA 628 is the first 1.5 GHz tri-core processor

Marvell has recently announced the first 1.5 GHz tri-core processor to deliver Dual Stream 1080p 3D Video and 3D graphics performance not only for smartphones but also for tablets. Its name is Marvell ARMADA 628 and incorporates a full System-on-a-Chip design (SoC) with a lot of advanced processing and power management features. “Marvell has once again set the benchmark for […]

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The latest software update for Motorola XT720 makes the processor “overclock”

Great firmware update for your Motorola Milestone XT720. With the new update, the processor frequency will increase from 550 MHz up to 720 MHz. XT720 owners from either UK or Germany can now download the new software which increases the processor speed (to 720 MHz) and also introduces DLNA functionality. Here are top 5 tips and tricks video to maximize […]

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1.5 GHz processor from Qualcomm in Q4 2010

Qualcomm announced today a new Snapdragon processor, QSD8672 clocked at 1.5 GHz. The US-based chip maker Qualcomm will release the new chipset before the end of this year. The new dial-core QSD8672 chip that incorporates GPU cores running up to 1.5 GHz, will be used for the next smartphone, low cost notebooks and tablet PC’s, said Mark Frankel the vice […]

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