Google Instant Previews available for Android and iOS Devices

GoogleGoogle has introduced a new feature called Instant Previews for mobile to help you choose the best search result from all the available ones based on the the search query entered by you.

I have to say that the new Instant Previews is quite useful, because instead of trying to cram additional information into Google’s already-crowded mobile website you just have to tap on the magnifying glass icon located at the right corner next to the search results.

You may wonder how it works? Well, the Instant Previews adds a little magnifying glass next to almost every search result, and by clicking on the magnifier, a series of cached thumbnails will appear of each page so you can scroll through in portrait or landscape modes. All you have to do is visit from your Android or iOS device and search for something.

The Instant Previews is available for Apple (iOS4) and Android (version 2.2+) devices in 38 languages.

Watch the demo video of Instant Previews for Android and iOS platforms below:

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