Galaxy S5 will compete with iPhone 5s with a fingerprint reader


samsung-galaxy-s5-figerprintThe fingerprint technology isn’t new in the smartphone world, Apple implementing this technology in last iPhone launched last year.

The latest rumors say that this technology will be available in the next Galaxy S5 smartphone that will be launched by Samsung with this new function. Although it was rumored that the Samsung Galaxy S5 will include an iris scanner, it appears that the implementation of this technology has proven to be too difficult at the moment and would not provide a good user experience for customers.

Differing from the fingerprint reader available on iPhone 5S, Samsung Galaxy S5 sensor could be implemented directly in the screen, so users will be able to unlock the terminals by pressing on the front of the device. The Samsung also tested various other biometric sensors should provide a superior user experience and iPhones, but it remains to be seen whether this will be done or not.


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