Foxconn employs 90000 people to launch iPhone 5S


foxconn-logoFoxconn is Apple’s main partner in terms of production of devices, and this guarantees them contracts billion annually. For iPhone 5S, Apple has again turned to Foxconn, following the company’s plants produce most of the units delivered worldwide. To meet demand and to honor contracts with Apple, those at Foxconn began the process of hiring 90000 people, all of which will be part of the teams that produce iPhones 5s in the next period.

The company will require as many as 90,000 new employees at its Shenzhen complex in Guangdong Province to fill the massive orders from Apple, the sources said. Hon Hai has completed testing for the assembly of the new iPhone and is well prepared to begin production, according to the source.

According to the report released today, those at Foxconn would have begun producing iPhone 5S terminal, following the start after a sufficient number of employees will enter the factory. The company had successfully tested the production lines of the new terminal and waits only employees who begin the assembly process. Although the number of employees is high, should not forget that we are talking about China and about a company that produces millions of iPhones each month.