Extended battery for Galaxy Note 3 – 6500 mAh

extended-battery-samsung-galaxy-note-3I think any owner of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 would like a battery with such a capability. Now, it is possible thanks to the MugenPower that provides extended battery for most popular smartphones on the market including also the Galaxy Note 3.

The extended battery of Note 3, code HLI-N9005XL, comes with 6500 mAh capacity, more than double of standard battery, code B800BE, that provides only 3200 mAh. When you ship this battery, you will receive also a new back cover that increase the thickness a bit from standard 8.3 mm. Important to note is that the NFC chip is also present on the back cover, so you don’t lose his functionality.

In plus, the new back cover comes with a quick stand that allows you to turn the phone on a flat surface inclined to view multimedia content, par example.


The price of extended battery for Galaxy Note 3 is $98.5. The Battery for Galaxy Note 3 comes with 365 Days warranty, possibility to be returned and professional support for all customers. First shipping of this battery is expected to start on December 6.

With MugenPower battery, the biggest problem of today smartphones disappears. But, don’t forget, that, the replacement of original battery void the warranty of your device.

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