Check out the camera comparison between Nokia N8 and Canon IXUS 130

N8 vs Canon IXUS 130After a few days ago when we showed you the video quality difference  between Nokia N8 and iPhone 4, today we prepared another great comparison between N8 and this time a camera, the Canon IXUS 130.

Yes, a camera vs N8. Are you curious who is the winner? You’ll find out in a few moments.

The Canon IXUS 130 features a 14 megapixels, while the N8 12 megapixels. For the next photos, the N8 is on 9 megapixels mode while the IXUS 130 on 10 megapixels.

Nokia N8 on the left and IXUS 130 on the right.


n8ixus-5If you want to see more photos visit this page.