Android 3.2 update for Toshiba Thrive

The 10-inch tablet Toshiba Thrive has received an Android 3.2 update.

The software version brings improvements and some bug fixes that include:

  • Improved compatibility mode enhancing the way applications originally designed for smaller screen devices appear and function on the larger tablet display;
  • Improved screen rotation acceleration;
  • Added extended screen support API, giving developers more precise control over the user interface across a range of Android-powered devices.

Word on the street is that this release will block the root method that was found earlier on. Therefore, my advice would be to wait for a while until the development community gets its hands on it.

However, you can update your system software by one of the following methods:

  • Tap on the update message sent by the Toshiba Service Station application to your device
  • From the Home screen tap on the ‘Apps’ icon in the upper right corner, locate and tap the ‘Service Station’ app’s icon, tap ‘Check for Updates’ and follow the on screen directions.


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