Android 2.1 update for Motorola Cliq to arrive soon

Motorola CLIQ Android 2.1In a few weeks, November 7 exactly, Motorola Cliq will enjoy the Eclair version of Android via an OTA update. This good news comes from TmoNews along with some information about the enhancements of this Android 2.1 update.

The star enhancement of this update is the MOTOBLUR, that comes along with a new Android Market and widgets. Also, in this upgrade are included improved multimedia, corporate email access apps and more Google apps and home screen panels.

The Cliq 2.1 update will require 30 MB internal memory and 100 MB memory on the SD card. The entire updating process will last about an hour and will be done on a computer rather than the standard OTA update.

We will keep you informed as soon as we find more about this Eclair update for Motorola Cliq.

[Via androidcentral]

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