iPhone Carabiner Clip – make your iPhone easy to access

An simple but userfull accessory for your iPhone appears on photojojo website. The name of this is iPhone Carabiner Clip and was specifically designed to access the phone quickly if you want to do a photo or video.


If Batman were an iPhoneographer, he’d have an ingenious way to keep his camera phone primed for crime fighting.

It may not save Gotham (yet), but the iPhone Carabiner Clip is a slick tool straight from Bruce Wayne’s utility belt.

It gives you uber-quick access to your iPhone by letting you latch it onto a belt buckle, camera bag or purse. The Clip comes on a lustrous leather strap that’s built to take on heavy iPhone use.

Just secure it to the bottom of your phone with two included screws. Attaching it won’t alter your phone in any way, and you can remove it whenever you want.

Much like Batman himself, the carabiner pulls double duty! Use it to hold your cell lenses, clip to a camera strap or hang your keys.

Its sultry shade of black is a perfect complement to the bat ears and body armor – not to mention all that mysterious brooding.

This accessory work with iPhone 4 and 4S and can be shipped for only $30. If you are interested to buy one iPhone Carabiner Clip you can make an order on photojojo.com.