Prepare your Android phone for Angry Birds Full Version

Angry Birds full version AndroidIt might be one of the best news of this week, because in a few weeks the full version of the most popular and loved game will become available.

Last week, on Friday, the generous 15-level version of Angry Birds was released in the Android Market but it seems customers can’t get enough of this game and want more. I believe them, Rovio also believes them too, and says the full version will be available very soon.

Rovio : We are currently working hard to ensure that Angry Birds on Android will offer best game experience for as many people as possible. The expected release date is within 2-3 weeks.

Also, another problem was discussed about some certain number of devices that didn’t support the beta version (HTC Wildfire and Hero). Well, for the moment the beta version does not support QVGA displays and for other devices, including HTC Hero the problem is a significant lag.

We hope Rovio will be able to solve all of these issues before releasing the Angry Birds full version, so all Android phones could enjoy those Angry Birds.

[Via talkandroid]