Angry Birds Ham’O’Ween update comes with a new birdie

Want some more Angry Birds levels, well, i’m sure you do and that’s why the guys from Rovio has prepared a new season preparing for the Halloween. This new season is called the Ham’O’Ween, and comes with 30 brand new levels.

This new Ham’O’Ween update features various levels set in pumpkin patches, haunted houses, and some other themed creepy places and the star feature is of course a new birdie. This new bird that will join the crew has a special ability, because you shoot it from the sling as usual, but when approach the target if you tap it it transforms into a giant bird and destroys every pig around. And to match the theme, the colors of this new bird is a combination of pumpkin orange and black. You’ll see exploding pumpkins and jackolanterns, pigs falling and exploding, and a new Halloween environment.

This Ham’O’Ween version marks a year since the Angry Birds Seasons started, and can be downloaded for free from the Android Market, and once you start the game you might spend more than a few hours just trying to hit more and more green pigs, and steel their treats. Check out the video below and see the new story of Angry Birds Halloween 2011.

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