A new action game for your iPhone, Orbital Bombardament

Orbital-Bombardment-game-iPhoneiPhone users prepare for a new 2D fun and challenging action game for all ages that will release you from the everyday stress or boredom.

In this game a intergalactic defender, that’s you, will have to defend some helpless alien creatures against the evil alien menace which is throwing different projectiles at them. At the end of every six stages you’ll have to win a battle with massive bosses.

Orbital Bombardment brings 4 action levels and 18 levels spanning 6 planetary landscapes and a stage select for those of you who want a better high score. Other features of the game include different projectiles to destroy, 6 fierce and unique bosses to battle, beautiful cutscenes and Agon Online integration which means you can challenge your friends with online leaderboards and unlock more than 20 awards.

This game requires iOS 3.0 or later and 46 MB storage space. It’s compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and is available at AppStore for only $2.99.