How fast is your mobile internet connectivity?

In this article you can find out how to check the internet connectivity, see the speed of your mobile device and compare it with other speed test results on iPhone or Android phone. Before the smartphone revolution, I’m sure you test the internet speed connection of your desktop PC on website. This site is specially created to find the […]

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How to set up email addres on your BlackBerry (video)

Make your live easier, communicate with your friends in near real-time, reply and forward, filter message by sender or subject, and do much more, all of this things if you add the email address on your BlackBerry. To integrate the email address you have to follow the next steps: 1. Locate and click on the Setup folder. 2. Within the […]

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10 steps to make you’re phone battery last longer

We know that a good and efficient phone it’s usually consuming a lot of its battery. The producers are taking measures to stabilize this situation and are using higher capacity batteries for smartphones trying in the same time to keep a reasonable weight. Although you can’t keep you’re phone battery unloaded a week of frequent use, there are some things […]

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