How fast is your mobile internet connectivity?

In this article you can find out how to check the internet connectivity, see the speed of your mobile device and compare it with other speed test results on iPhone or Android phone.

Before the smartphone revolution, I’m sure you test the internet speed connection of your desktop PC on website. This site is specially created to find the speed connection in almost every country and in various places.

For mobile phones, developers launch a dedicated app for all iPhone and Android devices. The app works just like on your PC and shows you the ping in milliseconds to a selected location, the download speed in kbps and the upload speed in kbps. You can test your 3G or Wi-Fi connectivity in few moments.

Android Speedtest Internet

The Android application can show you the results in kbps, Mbps or kB/s, show a short history of your test, your internal and external IP address.

To get the speedtest application for your Android device scan the below QR code.

Speedtest QR

The application for iPhone works just like the Android app and you can download it for free from iTunes.

iPhone Internet Speedtest is the most popular website for testing the internet speed connection. Every day, people make over one million tests.