U-verse, an AT&T application that enables you to record and watch TV shows on your iPhone

AT&T U-verse iPhoneGood news from AT&T, yesterday August 9, via press release, AT&T announced the U-verse, an iPhone application that gives you the possibility to record and watch TV shows directly from your phone device.

AT&T is the first TV provider offering an iPhone app that allows you to manage your DVR and also download and watch your favourite TV shows. You can now record your wanted episodes via Wi-Fi connection, and all you have to do is to make yourself comfortable and press play in full screen mode.

New U-verse TV customers and iPhone owners that order AT&T U-verse U300 or U450 will receive a $75 iTunes gift card. For more information visit the AT&T U-verse page.

The U-verse application for iPhone is available for free download on App Store.

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