Turn your iPhone 4 into a Wi-Fi HotSpot with MyWi 4.0 application

Mywi 4.0 ApplicationIf you’re just bored to pay every month 20$ to AT&T for their tethering services here are some great news, MyWi 4.0 is a new application that allows you to tether your jailbroken iPhone 4 by yourself.

You may wonder how it works. Well, it gives you the possibility to share the internet connection from your iPhone 4 with all the devices that have  a wireless adapter. So now you can connect your iPhone 4 with your iPad or any other devices you want. If your device doesn’t have a wireless adapter, don’t worry, because MyWi has another USB tethering option you can use.

MyWi allows you to put a limiter or choose a transfer rate to prevent other strange gadgets to eat your traffic. Also you can permanently see the traffic rate and has an icon for battery savings.

If you want to download this app you get 10 days trial free and after those 10 days, if you want to keep the connection you’ll have to pay $20 for the license.