Turn your Android phone into a professional camera with Camera 360 Pro

Camera 360 Pro AndroidAll of us would like to have a professional camera, but what if you can take the same great shots just with your Android device?

This can be possible thanks to Camera 360 Pro app, which allows you to take some amazing shots in any moment and every place you are.

Camera 360 Pro features:
– “Tap to Focus.”
– Photo selection alteration, allowing one to select of a certain area in a photo after taking it and adding features to your selection.
– The ability to add background scenery, take photos in fish eye style, photo symmetry, Andy Warhol-style 4 color tiles, HDR -simulations (Light and Heavy), and even “Ghost Mode.”
– Zooming supported and is done using the volume rocker.
– If your device supports it, Camera 360 Pro will take advantage of your GPS chip for Geo-tagging and the phone’s Flash for low light situations.
– The ability to delete, save or send, and if you touch the image it shows the original image and when you release your finger it switches back to edited image.

You can see below a great picture taken with Camera 360 Pro on an Android device (HTC Hero) by cloudplasma.

Camera 360 Pro Android

Camera 360 Pro is priced at $3.99 and you can download it from AppBrain or by scanning the QR code below. Let us know how it works and what you like or dislike about it.

Camera 360 Pro QR code

[Via TNW]