The first 10 applications for you’re iPhone 4

Truphone iPhone 41. Truphone gives free calls to Skype, Truphone, and Google Talk users

A new battle has started between Truphone and Skype. This app is a VoIP application that runs in the background and allows calls while multitasking. It keeps you in touch with your friends with free Wi-Fi & 3G calls, instant messaging and Twitter.




Pandora iPhone 42. Pandora, your own personalized radio

This is one of the most popular application on the iPhone. This new version comes with good news because now you can listen to Pandora no matter what other application you’re using. The only thing you have to do is to start typing the name of your favourite band or artists and this application will automatically create a station that plays their music.

Pandora download


Flight Control iPhone 43. Flight Control, a must-have classic application

It’s a classic game, optimised with high resolution graphics and incredibly simple. This addictive game landing airplanes and helicopters without crashing into each other. It cost $1 and it seems to worth every penny.

Flight Control download



Loopt iPhone 44. Loopt let you know where your friends are

A new iPhone application from Loopt lets users automatically update their exact location as they move. The new application sends notifications everytime you happlicationen to be within a few blocks of one of your friends, only if that friend is also continuously updating their location. You can set your options, who can see your location, restricting that information to a select group of friends.

Loopt download

Real Racing iPhone 4

5. Real racing with 5 different game modes

With this new application you can experience the excitement, competition and glory of racing. It comes with support for iOS 4 multitasking on compatible devices that switch effortlessly between your favourite application, new perfect graphics for showing on the Retina display, high resolution textures, more detailed car interiors and improved track graphics. It seems like a lot of fun to me for only $5.

DropBox iPhone 46. Dropbox let you share and sync files

Dropbox is the easiest way to sync and share your files online and across computers. You can take photos and save them directly to your Dropbox and export photos and files to other iPad applications.



Twitter iPhone 47. The new Twitter application with support for iOS 4 and Retina Display

This application gives you more secure tweeting and photo/video posting and with its support for iOS 4 you can send tweets in the background if you switch out of the application (this also includes photos and videos). Another advantage is “Retina Display” that helps this application to look so good.



Tap Tap iPhone 48. Tap Tap Revenge 3 with iOS 4 support

This poplar game comes with iOS 4 support including multitasking, that allows you to pause the game, and do whatever you want, send an email, post a tweet or tap tap you’re favourite songs and still return to the game. This application is free and it it seems to be addictive too.


iMovie iPhone 49. Edit HD video with iMovie

The iMovie application allows you to edit a HD movie on a smartphone in less than 5 minutes. This application comes with five themes (modern, bright, travel, playful and news), music, animated title art for opening, middle and closing clips. All of this for $5.

iMovie download

TomTom iPhone 410. TomTom navigation application

The new updated TomTom incorporate the advantage of iOS multitasking. It guides you even when you’re in a call or using a different application . You can share your route details with your contacts, drive with the latest maps and keep updated on the latest traffic conditions to minimize potential delay.




All these applications are available through iTunes.