Swype 3.0 Beta released and ready for Honeycomb

Swype has just released the Swype 3.0 Beta for the Android platform and it brings a lot of new features and improvements. Some of the major improvements are the Tap Correction and Horizontal Word Choice List.

The improvements are about offering a better support for Android tablets, as well as a simplified registration process, and a new method of choosing words, this time in a horizontal menu, not as you were used withthe popup. This version also brings Honeycomb support. The Tap Correction allows you to swype or type the words without being necessary to change any settings, and offers you a few options like the word suggestions and auto correction while typing. The Horizontal Word Choice List is available that displays more word suggestions, instead of vertical popup word choice option.

The complete list of features and improvements is shown below:

  • Swype v3 introduces two major new features: Tap Correction and Horizontal Word Choice List
  • The Tap Correction utilizes many of the concepts that make swyping so accurate. Go from typing to swyping and back in a very easy and simple way.
  • The Horizontal Word Choice List replaces the usual popup word choice window, offering an experience more in-line with evolving Android standards. It also makes dictionary control and word selection faster and easier.
  • Swype v3 is available for devices with HVGA, WVGA, FWVGA, QVGA, WQVGA, WSVGA, qHD screen sizes
  • Brings a special Honeycomb-only WXGA version for Android tablets, with features like “moveable keyboard” that you won’t find anywhere else!
  • Check out which languages are supported on your device, check the language and resolution table
  • Improved licensing: Swype will no longer be disabled after a reboot on some devices; added support for devices that don’t have a cellular radio (wifi-only tablets); no more license failures for CDMA devices in airplane mode.
  • A simplified registration by allowing users to authenticate their email address through the installer
  • Download Swype v3 to explore what the next generation of Swype has to offer and many other improvements
  • Limited End User Support
  • If your phone came pre-installed with Swype, DO NOT download this beta (it won’t work)

Swype 3.0 Beta adds support for the new Android 2.3 devices and comes with a few bug fixes. Also you have to know that the beta version would not work if your phone came pre-installed with Swype. This new beta version also comes with minor compatibility updates, behavior changes, and feature updates that makes it faster and smoother than the last version.

So, check out the demo of Swype 3.0 Beta from the Swype YouTube channel:

If the Swype is something new for you, you can go and register on their page with your e-mail id and the download link would be sent to you by e-mail. After you open the link from your phone, you can download the Swype installer and install it. You only have to select the language and download Swype. Also, if you already use Swype, don’t forget to uninstall the current version of Swype and use the installer to log in and download the new version.

[Via androidpolice]

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