Personalize your feed reader with my6sense free app (video)

my6sense-logoA new app for both iPhone and Android devices, the my6sense is now available for download. This app is created to help you organize and personalize your feeds.

With my6sense you have all the hot news, information and photos from Google Reader, Facebook, Twitter, FriendFeed, LinkedIn, Flickr, and Google Buzz in the same stream and you can sort all of these information by the posting time or relevance. Besides all of this, my6sense has a star feature named “Digital Intuition” which is learning your interests depending on the various pages you visit.

It monitorize what you’re watching while you browse through your feeds and automatically learns from your preferences and customize your future stream content. This way the news that shows up at the top of your feed are the information you were likely to click on.

My6sense is now available for free download via Android market. For the moment it only supports Android 1.6 or later, but in a few weeks the my6sense it will also be available for Android 1.5.

Speaking about Apple, well, my6sense should have been available for download in App Store by now, but it seems there’s no hurry out there. Don’t worry, i’m sure in a few days App Store will have it too.

[Via Android and me]

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