Lock your Windows Mobile screen with a FingerPrint Scanner application

FingerPrint Scanner ApplicationWindows Phone OS has a new security application for block and unblock the touchscreen of your mobile device. The minimum OS requirement is WM Professional 6.0.

FingerPrint application uses your finger mark to lock screen. This app increase the security of your phone if is stolen because works with only one finger mark.

Application features:

– A secure lockscreen executable which unlocks “only” to your touch
– Ability to customize some of the applications components
– Custom-Made TopBar Controls

– New Item Icons: Icons for new SMS, E-Mail, Voice Mail, and Missed Calls
– Clock-On-Top:A remake of the typical Windows Statusbar Clock. Simple and functional.
– Battery Meter: A Percent-By-Percent updating battery meter.
– Signal Meter: A 5-Bar Signal Meter getting updates efficiently and quickly

– A Status-Text Area with the current action of the program is (Waiting, scanning, SUCCESS, or FAILURE)

For more information about install and download the app visit the developer website.