How to use in fullscreen Google Maps on iPad

google-maps-ipadAs you know, the Google Maps is the most popular application for smartphones, Google has not released a compatible version of Google Maps application in App Store for iPad tablets, but this can`t stop it to change the existing application to run on tablets.

To make Google Maps to work on iPad tablet you must follow the below steps.

  1. Open the iFile application and navigate to var/mobile/applications where you search Google Maps folder.
  2. Inside the folder of Google Maps search the file info.plist that you will open iFile text editor.
  3. Search into this file the entry UIDeviceFamily and change the value of this from 1 to 2.2. This change enables application to run on tablets including iPad. After this change you must save this file.
  4. Last step reboot your tablets.

Note: It works only on tablets that have made jailbreak. You can`t use this method on a tablet to whose internal system files do not have access, so do not unnecessarily complicated.