How to increase the Dropbox storage with 500MB in 2 minutes

Daily I use Dropbox on the smartphone and the laptop and there are times when I look back and smile remembering that for every phone in hand had to have a data transfer cable to transfer the photos taken by camera to phone or to copy ringtones from computer to phone. And I’m sure you remember, we’ve all been there sooner or later.

Well, a few years old since the Cloud service is the power (each considered as like), occurred all sorts of online file hosting services, and each such service differentiate the facilities offered or by space available for hosting. From my point of view, by far the most complete work of this kind is Dropbox.

Those who do not have an account on the Dropbox can come here and they can make an account and receive 2GB of storage space, and then the application below you can add more 500MB for storage.

Those who already have a Dropbox account and want to increase their hosting space probably know recommending Dropbox service can increase the initial space of 2GB. For each referral that ends with an account you invite friends, get 250MB extra so you can go to have a 5GB online space available and maximum 8GB for the free Dropbox account.

Dropbox features:

  • Always have your stuff with you, no matter where you are;
  • Save photos and videos to your Dropbox;
  • Share your photos and docs with family and friends;
  • Save email attachments straight to your Dropbox;
  • Easily edit docs in your Dropbox.

Today, I tell you a trick to you can also add additional 500MB space. It’s simple! Dropbox working on a beta version 2.0.9 , and offers a 500MB space test with the simple condition, to enable the “Turn on Camera Upload” to take a photo with your phone and to upload them in to the dropbox account.

You can download the version 2.0.9 of Dropbox application from here.

Tell us if you received the 500MB.

Also you can share any type of files, photos, ringtones, docs and videos.


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