AppleCare+ available up to 30 days after iPhone purchase

A few time ago when Apple officially announced the brand new iPhone 4S, has also revealed the new AppleCare+ program for iOS devices available for only $99.

The AppleCare+ program was made to extend the repair coverage and technical support to two years, allowing the customer two instances of repair work on a handset damaged due to handling at a rate of $49 each. The terms and condition for obtaining this type of service was that it could only be bought at the time of the phone purchase, which meant allowing to purchase AppleCare+ through November 14th but it appears that those who pre-order the device now it will have enough time until December 15th to sign up for AppleCare+ protection.

Apple’s site offers AppleCare+ within 30 days of the iPhone purchase, but if you’re planning on going away you’ll need to either call up Apple directly or make an appointment at your local Apple Genius Bar if you need to have the phone inspected. So, how many of you would like to get the AppleCare+ service on your new iPhone?