Another browser for Android was released – Dolphin Browser Mini V1.0 (video)

dolphin-browser-mini-v1A nice web browser app for Android smartphones was released in Android Market. Its name is Dolphin Browser Mini v1.0.

See below the main features of Dolphin Browser Mini V1.0

– We’ve made several improvements to Dolphin Mini’s interface by refining the menu style and toolbox design, changing the tab menu location (now beside address bar), etc.
– We add Data backup and restore feature(in toolbox) in case that losing relevant data when you reset your phone or uninstall our app.
– We add quick access to clean data (in toolbox) and simplify the layout of dolphin settings.
– We add Bookmarks Label. Now you can label each bookmark and see all the bookmarks that have a certain label.
– We add flash plugin and remain “on demand” option as default. If you want the flash on website to load directly, you can set the option remain “always on”.
– Press and hold the address bar, and you get a pop-up of useful options — “Add Bookmark,” “Select Text,” “Copy URL,” “Share,” “Save Page.” Here we add another option “paste”.

Probably the best android web browser i have tested on my phone, the Dolphin Browser Mini V1.0 is free for download from via Android Market.