Y5 Battery Saver free app for Android

Y5 battery saverY5 Battery Saver is a new Android app that helps you save a lot of your battery keeping Wi-Fi on only in trusted spots.

We all know that everytime our phone is checking for Wi-Fi connections loses a lot of its battery power and we end up with no battery for a call. That’s why Y5 Battery Saver free app was created.

How it works? Well, Y5 Battery Saver is periodically checking your location and turns on Wi-Fi if you are at another previous connection or at home, all of this without using GPS. This smart app memorizes the locations where you usually connect to Wi-Fi spots, and when you’re leaving those Wi-Fi locations Y5 turns off Wi-Fi thanks to cellular signal triangulation and saves your battery.

If you want to download Y5 Battery Saver free app for Android you ca scan the QR code below or head to Y5-Battery Saver page.

Y5 Battery Saver QR code