Software update for Galaxy S2: Android 2.3.5 at Vodafone Australia

Software update for Galaxy S2: Android 2.3.5 at Vodafone Australia

Vodafone carrier Australia has just started to deliver the new 2.3.5 software update for one of the most desired smartphones of this year, the Samsung Galaxy S2.

This new firmware update version 2.3.5 for Samsung Galaxy S2 also known as (I9100TDUKJ1) is meant to bring some new features and improvements, and can be received via Samsung KIES or also through your phone using OTA. Vodafone wireless carrier has also unveiled some of the details regarding the features that the new Android Gingerbread 2.3.5 update brings:

– Vodafone Updates application
– Good Food Guide 2012
– Navigon
– Samsung Music Hub”

If you choose to download the new 2.3.5 Galaxy S2 update via OTA, first of all you’ll need an Internet connection and around 96 MB, and if you go for the download via Samsung’s KIES application, it will cost you 1,003 MB. After you finish the download and install the new version, don’t forget to check for the I9100TDUKJ1 Baseband version going to Menu > Settings > About Phone > Software Version. The build number will be GINGERBREAD.DUKJ1, while the Kernel version is root@DELL136 #2.

Note: Don’t forget to perform a backup of all of your smartphone’s data before to begin the installation process, to make sure that no important files are lost in the process.

Android 2.2 Froyo for HTC Legend available on Vodafone Australia on March 25

HTC LegendGood news for all HTC Legend Owners, Vodafone Australia will offer starting tomorrow the version 2.2 of Android OS for your smartphone.

We can now safely say that from 12PM the 25th of March all customers (3 and Vodafone) using a HTC Legend will start getting a notification to update the firmware version to Android 2.2 (Froyo),” the mobile phone carrier notes on the said blog post. “We would recommend downloading the upgrade within a good- strong 3G coverage zone zone (full 3G HSPA coverage) and have a FULLY CHARGED BATTERY. (This should take between 7-10 mins as the file is approx 85MB in size),” the carrier continues.

The Android 2.2 Froyo for HTC Legend brings some new features and improvements:

– Adds a new refined Google search tool to your home screen saving time and data usage
– You can use your device as a Wi-Fi Hot Spot
– You can use your device as a flashlight
– You can recommend apps from your phone to friends
– Change language settings on your device on the fly
– Easier SMS functions to improve your experience