Angry Birds Rio Carnival update [Video]

Angry Birds Rio Carnival update [Video]

Some great news for all of you Angry Birds fans are coming earlier this month. Rovio has announced a new update or the Angry Birds Rio series, the Angry Birds Rio Carnival and is coming very very soon.

This new update for Angry Birds will be available on he Market in a  very short time, we don’t know exactly how much, but we know what this new update will bring:

  • 15 levels in new world named Carnival Upheaval
  • Blue, the Macaw, can now be used alone.
  • The new hidden fruits are papaya

Several iOS sites have already reported this new update, and Rovio stated 2 days ago that Carnival would be coming to Android at the same time as iOS.

The first update for Angry Birds Rio coming soon

angry_birds_rio_updateGood news for all of you Angry Birds fans out there! The first update for Angry Birds Rio is coming next week and it will bring a lot more marmoset-mauling action and more juicy secrets to discover.

So, did you already find all the Golden Pineapples, Bananas and Stars? For those of you who didn’t find the pineapple, in Level 2-6 is located above and to the left of the slingshot. To reach it get the overhead lamp swinging back and forth until the lamp hits the pineapple. Also, the pineapples are hidden in boxes with labels on them or up by the lights. Zoom right out and search the corners of each map. You can see bananas hidden away behind grass or trees. A good tip is to widen the screen so as you can see everything on the screen because some things are hidden behind you.

Another little tip to find things is that there are so many possible angles so you have to try them all. Shoot up, back, off screens, and at things that don’t seem to have anything in them. And if you want to kill the big white bird, stay above with shots till you are near him and then use boost. Hit him with the last shot as low as possible, because if you’re quick you can take him out with 2 birds. But because there’s more than that, if you can’t find a pineapple or a banana go to YouTube there are a ton of videos showing how to get everything.

I really think the original version with the pigs was more interesting. For me, that was the greatest, because now it’s just not the same without the pigs. I hope sooner or later the pigs will be involved in some kind of way, cause i’m sure many of you would like that.

This update should strictly have been released 1st of may and subsequent releases the first of every month, but what can we do? I’m sure your angry birds trigger finger is itching for the next level, but you’ll have to wait a few more days.