Microsoft has killed Nokia in favor of Lumia

Nokia Lumia 900 AT and TNokia’s mobile phone assets became a part of Microsoft Mobile, a new subsidiary of Microsoft based in Finland this year. Until now, we heard more rumors about the end of the Nokia brand in favor of Microsoft Lumia, but until October 21, 2014, Microsoft has officially announced to The Verge this change.

That change means, that we will can’t see any more Nokia Lumia devices on the markets. First country where Microsoft Lumia will be available is France. That means that in this country Microsoft will change the Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts.

The brand Nokia, won’t completely disappear, the Finnish company continuing to focus on mapping and network infrastructure, but don`t expect to see `Nokia` printed on any handsets.

Over 2 million Windows Phone 7 devices were sold

windows-phone-7-LogoMicrosoft announced the number of Windows Phone 7 devices that were sold in Q4 2010.

According to an interview of Greg Sullivan, the Microsoft Senior Product Manager, the company has sold over 2 millions Windows Phone 7 devices. Only in december, the number of these devices hit 1.5 million units, 500.000 only in less than one month. In the interview, Greg Sullivan also mentioned that 90% of the users said they were “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with their devices.

One of the key ways that we’ll measure success of Windows Phone is did we ship a phone people love,” he said.

Now, Windows Phone 7 OS is available on more than 10 smartphones.

Leak: HTC Spark with Windows Phone 7 spotted

HTC SparkToday, some great pictures with HTC Spark Windows Phone 7 were spotted on the web, and it’s not HTC Mondrian like it was thought a while ago.

These 21 high resolution images from xda-developers shows the Windows Phone 7 handset from all of its angles.

HTC Spark features a 3.8 inch WVGA display with 480 x 800 pixels, 1 GHz processor, 512 MB RAM, 512 MB ROM, 8 GB internal memory, dual-band HSPA/ UMTS radio, quad-band GSM radio, a-GPS/ GPS, digital compass, FM radio, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and a 1.300 mAh battery.

We think the official unveil of HTC Spark will take place in London UK, on October 11th when Microsoft will hold an event to unveil the first Windows Phone 7 devices.

LG E900 running Windows Phone 7 (video)

LG E900 Windows Phone 7It seems that LG company has some activity in the last few days, even though last week LG E900 was leaked  by Microsoft, this time we got some specification and a video with it.

After the LG E720 was spotted yesterday and we found out some of its features including the Android 2.2 OS, now it’s time for another LG smartphone to show off, this time is the E900 running Windows Phone 7.

LG E900 features a 3.7 inch display, HD video recording, UMTS and CDMA 3G connectivity and a 1.3 GHz Snapdragon processor that will be a lot more quicker than the Snapdragon we all know and promises better 2D and 3D graphics acceleration.

And now, is time for some videos with this new Windows Phone 7 device but i have to say is not quite what i expected.

[Via Engadget]

Windows Phone 7 presents phone to console experience (video)

Windows Phone 7 phone to consoleSoon we will experience the real time gaming on Windows Phone 7 devices. Some great features include the ability to engage in multiplayer between consoles and handsets and also, the invites you receive will show up as avatars of your friends.

The phone-to-console gaming will be experienced in real-time thanks to Wi-Fi connectivity. It seems that those Windows Phone 7 mini-games are able to unlock the functionality of Xbox titles games.

The price of a game will cost between $1.99 to $2.99, and that’s really great because is lower that the expected price for Microsoft’s Xbox Live titles.

[Via WMPoweruser]

Watch in action virtual QWERTY keyboard on Windows Phone 7

Windows Phone virtual QWERTYThanks rotijohnchan for the preview of virtual QWERTY keyboard on Windows Phone 7 OS. In this video WP7 runs on a LG prototype smartphone.

At launch, the Windows Phone 7 keyboard will be available in five languages: english, spanish, french, german, italian and after some time in chinese, japanese and korean languages.

Video Windows Phone 7 QWERTY

Microsoft reveals some new Windows Phone 7 applications

windows-phone-7-LogoThis week we just found out some of the Windows Phone 7 applications thanks to a tweet from a former Microsoft program manager.

Even though, initially the Youtube and Yelp apps were not included in the box, now the rumors says that in the end both of these applications will be available.

So check out this picture and found out what other apps are prepared for the future Windows Phone 7 devices


HTC Gold with Windows Mobile 7 in UK

HTC Gold Windows Phone has obtained and revealed what seems to be a huge UK mobile release schedule for the rest of the year from all manufacturers.

One of the most wanted phone we can see in this leak is the HTC Gold that will appear in November and it’s HTC’s first  Windows Phone 7 handset.

For some of you this is not the first time when you hear about this handset, because 4 weeks ago Conflipper found references about it in a leaked ROM with a version heading for Sprint.

Unfortunately, no other specs have been released but as soon as we fiind out, those informations will be revealed to you.