Twitter 6.0 for iPad was updated – share photos in DMs

Twitter 6.0 for iPad was updated – share photos in DMs

twitter-6.0-ipad-iosLatest update of Twitter application, version 6.0, for iPad is now available for download in App Store. This update brings some new cool features that make the Twitter app more easy to use, improved user activity and increase the usability in Direct Messages (DMs).

The biggest feature is possibility to share photos in Direct Messages; you can send and receive also. Other features include a simplified navigation to have a fast access to your DMs notifications and more features you can see in below list.

Another interesting features, is the possibility to follow an account to get instant notifications.

Twitter 6.0 for iPad – enhancements

  • Simplified navigation.
  • Faster access to your DMs and notifications; Activity and Discover now available from Timelines
  • Share photos in direct messages
  • Send and receive photos via DMs
  • Find the notifications that matter most. You can now filter notifications by people you follow and favorite an account to get notifications.
  • Search just got easier. Not filter your search by Tweets near you, Tweets from people you follow, and more.

All iPads boot test

All iPads boot test

ipads-boot-testA cool test made by iClarfied show us the boot time of each iPad launched until now. We can see if the iPad technology has evolved dropping the boot time with the launch of a new tablet.

All iPad devices are running on iOS 7.0.4 (only iPad 1 runs on iOS 5.1.1) and all devices are SIM cards inside and are fully charged. Below you can see the video with the test of iPad 1, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad mini, iPad Air, iPad mini 2.

iPad Boot test video:

iPad boot test results:


  1. iPad Air

  2. IPad mini 2

  3. iPad 1
  4. iPad 2
  5. iPad 4
  6. iPad 3
  7. IPad mini 1

How to enable HDR function on iPad tablet in 5 steps

If you are photographer, I am sure you know what’s means HDR term. The HDR function was implemented starting with iOS 5 on iPhone and on iPod, but for iPad tablets is not applied. In this article I will show you hot to enable the HDR function on your iPad tablet, but I will start now with a definition.


The HDR (High Dynamic Range) is is a set of methods used in imaging and photography to allow a greater dynamic range between the lightest and darkest areas of an image than current standard digital imaging methods or photographic methods. HDR images can represent more accurately the range of intensity levels found in real scenes, from direct sunlight to faint starlight, and is often captured by way of a plurality of differently exposed pictures of the same subject matter.

Now, I will explain below the method by which you can activate the HDR iPad tablets, the simplest method involves using iFile application from Cydia. For the procedure to work you need to identify your tablet according to the assigned code which Apple and below each model of the iPad have codes. This code determines the location where files need to be modified to search, locations.

  • iPad 2 – K93, K94, K95
  • iPad 3 – J1, J2
  • iPad 4 – P101, P102, P103
  • iPad mini – P105, P106, P107

NOTE: If you want to follow these steps you must jailbreak your device (iPad, iPod or iPhone). iFans forums have an great tutorial which show step-by-step how-to jailbreak the iOS 6.

5 steps to enable HDR function on iPad tablets

1.    Open iFile and navigate to /System/Library/Frameworks/MediaToolbox.framework/your table code and search the file AVCaptureSession.plist.

2.    Press on the name of file and chose the Text Viewer option, after press the Edit button from the above screen.


And after this put the below code:


3.    If this line code line exist before and is checked with FALSE, you must change in TRUE value. Now press the Save button from the above screen.

4.    Now you must navigate to /System/Library/CoreServices/ and search the file codeAP.plist, where the „code” represent the code of your tablet.

5.    Open this file using the text editor iFile and search entry:


After this you must put the below code:


Now, save the file and make an respring.


Apple and five American publishers, accused for rising prices of electronic books

Apple and five American publishers, accused for rising prices of electronic books

US Department of Justice warned Apple Inc. and five of the largest publishers in the United States that it intends to sue for an alleged agreement to increase the price of electronic books, according to sources close to the subject, quoted by the Wall Street Journal.

Apple persuaded the publishers to change the way electronic books set price before the company’s former chief, the late Steve Jobs introducing the iPad in 2010. Some of the parties is now in discussions to reach agreement in the present case and avoid antitrust trial that would harm, say sources quoted by the Wall Street Journal. If it is completed, such an arrangement will have important implications for the industry, could lead to cheaper books consumer electronics. Not all publishers also participate in discussions.

The five giant publishing are: Hachette Book Group (Lagardere group), Simon & Schuster (part of the CBS news), Penguin Group USA (concern of Pearson), HarperCollins Publishers (a unit of News Corp., which owns and Wall Street Journal) and Macmillan (unit of the company Verlagsgruppe Georg von Holtzbrinck)

Publishing spokesmen have declined to comment, like Apple, which introduced on March 7 a new version of iPad tablet.

The case is centered around Apple’s decision to change how e-book publishers set the price, while the introduction of the first iPad ready in early 2010. Traditionally, publishers sell books to retailers cover half the recommended price.

Book vendors were then free to offer customers books at a price lower than the cover, if they wanted it. Most printed books sold by this model.

For publishers, e-books is the business segment with the fastest growth in a time when sales of printed books are in decline. E-book sales have doubled to 970 million dollars in 2011, according to a survey by the Association of American Publishers. As more and more consumers turning to electronic readers, it is expected that the number of those who prefer reading such increase.

Apple has released the iOS 5 Beta 4 OTA Update

ios5beta4Apple has released the iOS 5 Beta 4 OTA Update for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

This new version is available over the air for those of you already running the last version of the beta and brings a lot of new features, bug fixes and improvements over the older versions. Some of these goodies includes:

– an Android-like notification bar
– system-wide integration with Twitter
– the iMessage service
– you can now sync either automatically when charging or manually when wireless
– the “Documents and Data” toggle for iCloud, which allows you to turn on/off the ability for apps to save data and documents to the iCloud. The Apps will save their data and user data to the iCloud, and it will be available across devices, and backed up into the cloud.

Before to hit the OTA update you should know that the iPhone must have 50% charge or be plugged into a power source in order to download the iOS 5 Beta 4 update, but on the iPad it requires only 12% charge. iOS Beta 4 is about 133 MB for existing beta 3 users, and the full install is about 700MB. To properly sync, it will require the iTunes 10.5 Beta 4, which is available in Apple’s dev channel along with a new Xcode 4.2 Developer Preview 4. The Wi-Fi syncing with iTunes also now supports Windows PCs.

Via Electronista

3D screen prototype on iPad

ipad-2-3d-screenThe first unofficial iPad tablet has been demoed in Taiwan with a prototype 3D display which requires special eye-wear with polarizing lenses.

The concept was presented at the Display Taiwan conference that took place this week in Taipei, display manufactured CPT. The video demo below shows how the prototype works, and you can see that it’s doing a pretty good job for the moment. This new prototype makes us think about the future, and leaves us wondering and hoping about the possibilities of the next-generation iPad.

Check out in action the video with the 3D display on iPad:


Apple release iOS 5, packs over 200 new features

iOS 5 LogoApple has just revealed the latest version of Apple’s operating system, iOS 5, for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The new iOS 5 comes with more than 200 new and interesting features.

One of the greatest new features of iOS 5 is the notification area, which replaces the so annoying pop-ups. Apple has also added a dedicated screen that you open by pulling from the top of the screen downwards. It contains all your notifications and if you click one of them it will take you to the app responsible for it, and by clicking on the X icon on the right removes the notification. The Notification center also brings stock updates and weather information.

Another feature is the Twitter integration, which covers Contacts, Safari, Photos, Camera, YouTube and Maps. This new feature allows you to Tweet from all those apps and your contacts are automatically synced with their Twitter accounts. I’m quite disappointed on Apple because they chose the Twitter integration instead of Facebook, it’s really strange and makes you wonder if perhaps there’s some grudge going on between the two companies.


Apple has also released the iMessage service, which is basically an IM client built-in right into the Message app. It supports sending texts, photos, videos, contacts to both single users and groups over encrypted connection. Also, the reminders were unveiled and offers the possibility to collect all your to-dos together and allowing you to set-up reminders. This app is location aware so that it can remind you of events based on where you are.


An upgrade was also made on the camera department, with a dedicated camera shortcut landing on the lockscreen and some settings finally making their way to the UI. You can now add grid-lines to your viewfinder, lock exposure and focus by pressing on the screen and using the digital zoom by pinching in. Also, you can now use the volume key for taking photos.


The Safari browser was the app that received the most significant update, but mostly for the iPad version. The Reading list plug-in for both the iPad and the iOS devices allows you to save pages for reading later. A new great feature of the Safari, Safari Reader, allows you to see web articles without ads or clutter so that you won’t be distracted while you’re reading. It also supposedly merges multi-page articles in one big page for more convenient reading.


The iOS5 also brings the Newsstand app which gathers all the magazine and newspaper subscriptions in one place, making it easier for you to access them. The photos app brings image editing, allowing you to crop and edit images straight on your iOS device. Another key feature of the new iOS 5 is the Game center, and with this new version it will now enable posting of profile pictures, new friends recommendations based on the games you play and the players you already know.


The iOS 5 updates will be pushed to end users this Fall, over the air and they will arrive in smaller sizes thanks to the implemented Delta encoding. This means that the next iPhone – be it iPhone 5 or 4S will obviously make its appearance this fall, maybe in a late September. The iDevices eligible for the upgrade are the iPhone 3GS and 4, the iPad and iPad 2 and latest two generation of iPod touch – 3rd and 4th.


Opera Mini browser coming to iPad

Apple iPad Opera BrowserNext week at Mobile World Congress 2011, Opera Software is expected to present their Opera Mini application for Apple iPad.

Today Opera announced their latest statistics about the number of people who use the Opera browser. According to the numbers issued today in Opera’s State of the Mobile Web report, 90.4 million people use Opera Mini every month and approximately 15 million people use Opera Mobile each month. That’s a total of 105 million people that use Opera on their mobile phones.

Experts all have some date when they claim the mobile Web will overtake the PC Web—we’re watching that transition now,” said Opera co-founder Jon von Tetzchner, in a statement. “But, rather than think of numbers, we think of people. 100 million is the beginning of a new era for the Web.

Our developers have been hard at work building the mobile browser of the future — for both consumers and mobile operators,” said Lars Boilesen, CEO, Opera Software. “We want our browser to impact lives in a meaningful way. It’s one reason we use mostly renewable resources to power Opera Mini’s servers. It’s why we make it light, so you don’t have to recharge your battery every few hours. It’s why Opera Mini and Opera Mobile can help operators reduce the bandwidth that clogs their networks. A browser may never change the world, but we’ll never stop trying to.


iOS 4.2 update for iPhone and iPad (installation steps and features)

iOS 4.2 updateApple has finally announced the iOS 4.2 update for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch devices, which will be available today.

The steps to install iOS 4.2 are very simple, you have to connect your iOS device to your computer, go to iTunes and click on ‘Check for update’ to see if the new iOS 4.2 update is ready for you.

The iOS 4.2 update is available today to download to iPad, iPhone and iPod touch by syncing the device with iTunes 10.1. iOS 4.2 is compatible with iPad, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, second and third generation iPod touch (late 2009 models with 32GB or 64GB) and new iPod touch. Some features may not be available on all products. For example, Multitasking requires iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, third generation iPod touch (late 2009 models with 32GB or 64GB) or later.

This new iOS 4.2 update includes new features such as:

– AirPlay for wirelessly streaming music, videos and photos from iPhone, iPod touch and iPad to Apple TV.
– AirPrint allows you to send a print command via iPad, iPod touch or iPhone for wireless printing over AirPrint supporting Printers.
– Game Center which lets you show off scores-achievements and also discover games via the Game-centered social network App for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

[Via techtree]

PwnageTool 4.1 for jailbreaking Apple devices

A new version of PwnageTool 4.1l was finally released, the PwnageTool 4.1 that allows to build custom firmware files for A4 devices like iPhone 4, iPad, Apple TV 2G and even iPod touch 4G.

Before to hit the download you have to know that PwnageTool 4.1 supports the following devices:

– iPhone 4 on iOS 4.1
– iPhone 3GS (new and old bootrom) on iOS 4.1
– iPhone 3G
– iPad on iOS 3.2.2
– Apple TV 2G on iOS 4.1
– iPod touch 3G/ 4G on iOS 4.1

Download PwnageTool 4.1 for Mac

If you have any questions regarding the installing steps or if you experienced any issues, let us know and we’ll try to help you :).

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