Apple to release the iOS 5.0.2 soon, claims to solve iPhone 4S battery issues

I’m sure that all of you heard about the battery issues of the new iPhone 4S, and the thing is that Apple is hardly trying to fix them as soon as possible but they seem to experience a few problems since the last iOS 5.0.1 didn’t managed to deal with them.

Now, because time means money and Apple don’t want to get the customers angry, they have already announced that it will soon release the iOS 5.0.2 software version that it will solve 4S battery issues. There were more than many customers that once the iOS 5.0.1 was released they reported that the battery issues didn’t disappeared. We hope that with this new iOS 5.0.2 update that is ready to arrive to all iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S customers will come with fixes related to battery issues that so many customers are experiencing.

Beside this update that claims to fix the battery issues, the first major platform is also in the work update to iOS 5 as Macerkopf’s source claimed, and promise that it will bring some great enhancements to Siri, such as the ability to capture photographs and video, as well as some cool features to enable and disable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The iOS 5.0.2 is expected to arrive in the early Q1 2012, but we will keep posting as soon a we find more information.

iOS 5.0.1 finally released, not fixing iPhone 4S battery issues

iOS 5.0.1 finally released, not fixing iPhone 4S battery issues

The so long waited iOS 5.0.1 was finally released and it’s now available via OTA update. One of the main issues that this update has tried to solve was the iPhone 4S battery issues, but unfortunately it appears that this wasn’t meant to be since no improvements were made regarding the 4S battery.

Now, the thing is there were also some lucky owners who reported that the new iOS version features among several minor tweaks and fixes, the battery life fix for iPhone 4S. The question is why after this iOS 5.0.1 update some iOS devices has revealed an improved battery life, while on others nothing changed? In some cases the iPhone 4S battery was reduced due to multiple reasons from which we can mention its dual core processor, and it was also revealed that iPhone uses an additional IR sensor that is permanently on when the screen is lit, and to fix that small issue you should turn off “raise to speak” Siri setting.

The iOS 5.0.1 update was Apple’s first public over-the-air update, and could be downloaded directly on your iPhone over Wi-Fi instead of requiring a full iOS download and update via iTunes.

Let us know how this iOS 5.0.1 works for you, and if you noticed any improvements on the battery life.