Software update for iOS devices – iOS 7.1.1 available

Software update for iOS devices – iOS 7.1.1 available

Today Apple Inc. announced the latest software update for their devices. The iOS 7.1.1 is available for download OTA in all countries. This update contains improvements, bug fixes and security updates, including:

– Further improvements to Touch ID fingerprint recognition
– Fixes a bug that could impact keyboard responsiveness
– Fixes an issue when using Bluetooth keyboards with VoiceOver enabled


Carmageddon for iOS now with cutted-price on App Store

Carmageddon for iOS now with cutted-price on App Store


Carmageddon is the iOS version of the game launched many years ago for PC, its original developers asking users to help bring to market the classic title that has enjoyed tens of millions of users worldwide.

The game was released in the App Store last year and proved to be one of the most popular games ever released in the Apple store, bringing the title exactly same gameplay that we already knew. If you were interested before the game, but you did not purchase because of the high price, well announce that starting today you can download discounted until next Friday.

Carmageddon is the original freeform driving sensation, where pedestrians (and cows!) equal points, and your opponents are a bunch of crazies in a twisted mix of automotive killing machines. The game features anarchic drive-wherever-you-like gameplay and over-the-top surreal comedy violence. It’s the racing game where racing is for wimps.

Carmageddon features real-world environments that have been turned into killing fields, where the locals stay out on the streets at their peril. As well as using your car as a weapon, every level is sprinkled generously with power-ups that have a vast variety of mad effects, adding a whole extra level of craziness to the proceedings. In every event you have the option to “play it your way”… Waste all your opponents, kill every pedestrian, or (perish the thought) complete all the laps. Oh and watch out – the cops in their super-tough armoured patrol vehicles are lurking, and if they catch you being bad they’ll be down on you like several tons of cold pork!

Carmageddon for iOS Game Play

Twitter 6.0 for iPad was updated – share photos in DMs

Twitter 6.0 for iPad was updated – share photos in DMs

twitter-6.0-ipad-iosLatest update of Twitter application, version 6.0, for iPad is now available for download in App Store. This update brings some new cool features that make the Twitter app more easy to use, improved user activity and increase the usability in Direct Messages (DMs).

The biggest feature is possibility to share photos in Direct Messages; you can send and receive also. Other features include a simplified navigation to have a fast access to your DMs notifications and more features you can see in below list.

Another interesting features, is the possibility to follow an account to get instant notifications.

Twitter 6.0 for iPad – enhancements

  • Simplified navigation.
  • Faster access to your DMs and notifications; Activity and Discover now available from Timelines
  • Share photos in direct messages
  • Send and receive photos via DMs
  • Find the notifications that matter most. You can now filter notifications by people you follow and favorite an account to get notifications.
  • Search just got easier. Not filter your search by Tweets near you, Tweets from people you follow, and more.

iPad 3 to be launched on March 7?

iPad 3 to be launched on March 7?

Apple has started sending invitations to journalists to an event that will take place on March 7. The event subject will be iPad, so it is very likely to see the launch of iPad 2 successor.

Apple still has not disclosed any official information about the future iPad tablet, but this did not prevent rumors. They indicate first Retina Display which is now used only for iPhone devices, follows a dual-core CPU, 5 or 8 megapixels camera, up to 64 GB internal storage and Internet connectivity via Wi-Fi b/g/n, 3G and without LTE.

According to an recent post of 9to5mac team, the prices of iPad 3 will be the same as Pad 2 now. In a previous post I talked about a price cut for iPad 2 with 100$ in the moment when iPad 3 official will emerge.

The iPad 3 is expected to be available in three version of internal storage, with 16, 32 and 64GB.

  • iPad 3 Wi-Fi 16GB – $499
  • iPad 3 Wi-Fi 32GB – $599
  • iPad 3 Wi-Fi 64GB – $699
  • iPad 3 Wi-Fi + 3G AT&T and Verizon 16GB – $629
  • iPad 3 Wi-Fi + 3G AT&T and Verizon 32GB – $729
  • iPad 3 Wi-Fi + 3G AT&T and Verizon 64GB – $829

There are only a few days, so it is best to expect the event to see what Apple has prepared.

How much Apple spends for the iPhone 4S?

apple-iphone-4sWe just found some extra informations about the new iPhone 4S, regarding its price tag. According to UBM TechInsights, an important provider of information services, consulting, and management software, the new device from Apple costs $203 to make.

That’s the price that Apple spend to manufacture a 32GB iPhone 4S, I know it seems pretty much but if you’re looking to purchase one through a carrier you should know that the price actually starts from $749. Some of the elements that the $203 price covers are: an estimated cost of $26 for the A5 processor that Apple chose for the handset, the Retina display which costs about $31 and a few others.

One important carrier that has already announced the new iPhone 4S in its stores is Verizon Wireless, that will start taking pre-orders tomorrow, on 7th of October at 3:01AM. Verizon offers a variety of contracts from which you can chose, with prices starting at $199 for the 16GB iPhone 4S and $299 for the 32GB iPhone 4S, both of them with a new 24 month contract.

iPhone 4S comes equipped with a great number of impressive features, one of the key features being the Bluetooth 4.0 based on a low-energy technology. It packs an 8 megapixel camera with up 60% more pixels, a CMOS backside illuminated sensor that supports up to 73% more light than the iPhone 4 sensor, and can take 1080p HD video with image stabilization in real-time.


Angry Birds Seasons: Summer Pignic [video]

Angry Birds Seasons: Summer Pignic [video]

More good news for Angry Birds fans! Rovio has unveiled a trailer about the upcoming season of Angry Birds: Summer Pignic game. The pigs are coming back, and are preparing a summer “pignic” but the brave Angry Birds won’t let them mess with their eggs.

In this trailer you can notice that you’ll only have one bird and one mission on each level to kill all of the pigs, which is definitely a tough twist on the standard fowl lineup. So, it’s actually the basic premise for the entire game series, but with the extra “one bird” part. Until now, as you know the title was focused on levels with associations to specific holidays, but now, looks like it will be the first update to actually identify itself with an entire season not only a holiday. It’s not like Rovio had much to choose from, with summer months dominated by national holidays rather than the internationally-celebrated fare that would be easily recognized by its disparate user base.

The update will be available for Android, webOS, iOS, and Symbian devices, and we expect that Rovio will release this new Summer Pignic season in early-mid July, in order to get everything ready.

Valet Hero free game for iPhone

Valet Hero GameThis is a simple and addictive game, you can convince yourself with a free download and you will be very surprised of its graphics and animation.

The game structure is quite simple, some cars will drive into a parking area and you will have to draw a path to one of the appropriately color coded parking spaces for that vehicle. If you succeed to park your car neatly in the space you’ll receive a “Good” or a “Perfect” qualify and if you don’t , you will receive the “Sloppy”. But don’t worry, you will receive the “Perfect” park after a few tries.

It features 5 different maps , each of them with 4 difficulty type as Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Marathon. You cannot pick witch dificulty level you want, you will have to pass through all. Also, at the end of each level you will receive a score and a 1 – 5 star rating, useful for later level stages.

Just a few tips, try to park a wide variety of cars and avoid others, perform “back-ins” and “pull-throughs” for extra bonus, use the gas for speed and get out of the way of the cop cars.

Valet Hero is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, requires iOS 3.1 or later and 11.5 MB. Check App Store for download.

Valet_Hero_1Valet_Hero_2Valet Hero Game

Orange brings Android tablets before Christmas

orangeFinally the Orange carrier announced a few Android tablets and maybe the iPad for this winter. Les Echos publication from France says that one of these tablets may be the Apple’s iPad, another the Samsung Galaxy Tab and the third one an Asian OEM tablet.

It seems that this Christmas Santa will bring some Android and iOS tablets. About the Asian OEM tablet, we’re not quite sure if it’s Acer or MSI but it will support 3G-ready. The price will be around €250 and  €100 fo a two year 3G contract.

“France Telecom intends to distribute at least three of these new connected devices by the end of the year, in order to sell a lot for Christmas. There may be the iPad, if the negotiations with Apple lead to an interesting compromise for the provider. Until now, Orange only did demos in certain stores and sold specific plans [for the iPad]. The group will then distribute at least one of the rival upcoming tablets as well. Finally, they will have their own one made by a famous Asian company.”

[Via Gizmodo]

Watch more than 1.800 web series on your iPhone with Clicker app

Clicker app for iPhoneA new app for your iPhone has been launched, this time from I have to say it’s quite good, you just can’t get bored if you have it on your iPhone.

Clicker allows you to download, watch and discuss about 1.800 web shows, which include about 200.000 episodes and if you want to see something else, or you’re bored of those 200.000 episodes, 12.000 additional shows are waiting for you on iTunes.

The Hulu Plus and Netflix apps will soon be available for iPhone, because it seems these two apps are necessarily for watching those videos. With Clicker app you can check out the latest shows, see your friends activity and what they are watching.

Clicker app is compatible with iOS devices, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, and will be available on AppStore later this quarter.

[Via Mashable]