New update for Angry Birds Rio available in App Store

angry-birds-toonsAngry Birds Rio was released in 2011 by the company Rovio for Rio premiere and during the evening application was again updated. The update released by Rovio brings 36 new levels for users, a new world in which everything unfolds, new bonuses, new items can be collected and of course include a button hidden on March 17 will provide access to Angry Birds Toons cartoon made ??in the first game.

– It’s Market Mayhem! The marmosets are running amok in the market, and it’s up to you to stop them!

– Bounce off awnings and pulverize fruit while you knock those monkeys off their perch!

– Samba through 36 NEW LEVELSS

– Explore an all new episodes

– Collect all the hidden fruit to unlock a new bonus level!

– Face off against the marmoset king in a thrilling boss fight!

The update is already available for download in App Store.

Official video presentation of Angry Birds Toons


Angry Birds v1.1 updated for WP7, brings 90 levels

Angry Birds v1.1 updated for WP7, brings 90 levels

Who’s got a Windows Phone 7 is quite lucky today, because Rovio has released 90 more levels of Angry Birds.

The latest 1.1 version of Angry Birds increase the number of levels from 135 to 225, which means that you have have to exercise and work to destroy a lot more pigs across these 225 levels, while unlocking episodes 10 and 11 to boot. This new 1.1 update brings a lot more than what the original Windows Phone version had. Unfortunately, for the iOS and Android owners it is still short of the 270 levels available till now, but we’re sure that in a short time these additional levels will be added to iPhone and Android devices.

Unfortunately for the owners of a WP7 phone the famous Angry Birds game is available at $2.99, so it’s quite expensive taking into consideration the fact that the iOS version costs only $0.99, and for the lucky owners of Android devices the game is ad supported and hence is free of cost.

This new update version is available over the Windows Marketplace as well as Xbox Live will and offers 90 more levels being made available for bird-slinging, pig-killers enthusiasts. So, don’t wait anymore and grab the update and let us know about the new “stuff”!

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Angry Birds Seasons: Summer Pignic [video]

Angry Birds Seasons: Summer Pignic [video]

More good news for Angry Birds fans! Rovio has unveiled a trailer about the upcoming season of Angry Birds: Summer Pignic game. The pigs are coming back, and are preparing a summer “pignic” but the brave Angry Birds won’t let them mess with their eggs.

In this trailer you can notice that you’ll only have one bird and one mission on each level to kill all of the pigs, which is definitely a tough twist on the standard fowl lineup. So, it’s actually the basic premise for the entire game series, but with the extra “one bird” part. Until now, as you know the title was focused on levels with associations to specific holidays, but now, looks like it will be the first update to actually identify itself with an entire season not only a holiday. It’s not like Rovio had much to choose from, with summer months dominated by national holidays rather than the internationally-celebrated fare that would be easily recognized by its disparate user base.

The update will be available for Android, webOS, iOS, and Symbian devices, and we expect that Rovio will release this new Summer Pignic season in early-mid July, in order to get everything ready.

Angry Birds Rio Beach Volley ball update arriving this week (video)

angry-birds-rio-volley-episodeAnother great news for you Angry Birds fans out there! Rovio has announced that its new Angry Birds Rio game will soon be receiving the first update know as the Beach Volley Ball Update.

This update is part of the string of new Rio updates that will be launched every month through to November. To give you a taste of what to expect, Rovio has released a quick trailer of the new Angry Birds Rio Beach Volley Ball, showing the birds getting hurled at helicopters, pirate ships and castles decked with beach balls. The update comes loaded with 30 new levels and even more achievements.

The update should start rolling this week, so stay tuned on Mobile Smug because we will let you know as soon as the update is available. Also, check out the video below to see what is new in the Beach Volley Ball Update.


Angry Birds the Easter Version is now available

angry-birds-easterGood news Angry Birds fans, Rovio has prepared a new version of the famous Angry Birds game. This time is the Easter version which is already available in Android Market.

Of course, there aren’t a lot of changes or improvements in this new version! The Angry Birds you’ve come to know and love so much, it’s coming in this new version  with a loose Easter theme tied in, so you’ll find a lot of bunnies and easter eggs out there. So, don’t wait anymore and get the new easter version to make some Angry Birds fly, break some stuff, kill some pigs, and of course to free some eggs. We’ve got download links after the break. You can get the Easter version of Angry Birds from the Android Market.

Amazon Appstore is live – Angry Birds Rio available for free

Amazon AppStoreAmazon has released today their first AppStore, where you can find games and applications for your Android device, very well organized and filtred by featured categories such as Apps, Games, Free Amazon Apps etc.

Probaby the best free application of Amazon AppStore today is the Angry Birds Rio, which i’m sure most of you know that is the latest version of Angry Birds developed by Rovio Mobile. Don’t worry! Angry Birds Rio is not the only free application available in Amazon App Store. Today more than 100 apps and games are available for free download. So don’t waste time and hit the new Amazon Appstore to select and download for free your favourite apps!

What is new in Angry Birds Rio:

– Let the feathered artillery fly! Rescue rare birds from smugglers, then make your escape through the jungle
– Recruit a whole flock of unique birds to join the cause, including Blu and Jewel from the movie Rio
– Play through 60 Rio-themed levels with a mixture of strategy, skill, and brute force
– Find hidden secrets, win trophies, and earn coveted 3-star ratings on each level
– More birds and levels are on the way! Expect more characters with unique abilities and more content from Rio


– AT&T is working on enabling purchases from the Amazon Appstore in the near future
– Amazon Appstore is only available to customers located in the United States

Angry Birds brings 15 new levels and extra features

Angry Birds 1.5Good news you Angry Birds fans! Angry Birds has just been updated with 15 new levels and a new golden egg. It seems this will be the last set of levels for the Frontier Badlands.

Here’s what this new Angry Birds 1.5 version will bring :

– A New Theme In The Frontier Badlands
– 15 New Levels – No Bellyachin’
– A New Golden Egg For Y’all City Slickers
– Game Center Support
– Cowboy Up With The Mighty Eagle

So, prepare for this new 1.5 version because it will bring up to 45 western themed, with pigs popping and all dressed up like they’re in a western movie to go along with the new Ham Em’ High Frontier Badlands theme. I have to say that i just can’t wait to play!

New Angry Birds Seasons: St. Patrick’s Day

Angry Birds Seasons GreenRovio is preparing anther version for the Angry Birds Seasons, this time is a very green theme representing St. Patrick’s Day.

After the successful Angry Birds Seasons series including the Halloween,  Christmas and the recently Valentine’s Day theme, Rovio prepares another cool theme, which is a little green, celebrating St. Patrick’s Day.

The new St. Patrick’s Day theme is very green, and it will bring some extra new levels in addition to the design and music. Rovio just released a preview trailer for this new version that you can watch it below, and the release date of this new version should be updated shortly before St. Patrick’s Day this year.

Also, if you don’t have and want the Angry Birds Seasons, it’s available in the App Store now for just $0.99.

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Angry Birds ‘Hogs and Kisses’ version is coming next week (pics revealed)

angry-birds-valentines_2Rovio Mobile has prepared a new season version of Angry Birds, this time for the Valentines day and is called ‘Hogs and Kisses’.

Just like the Halloween and Christmas versions, the Angry Birds ‘Hogs and Kisses’ it will be available as a free update to the ‘Seasons’ version of Angry Birds. The update will be available for the iPhone, iPad, and Android versions of Angry Birds seasons.

This new version will bring a lot of new features including flying blocks and of course flying pigs with bows and arrows. So, on Valentines day even the pigs will fly, not only the angry birds.


A new Angry Birds version: Angry Birds Rio coming this March (video)

Angry Birds RioOne of the most popular games in the world, probably the best, is getting ready for a new version: Angry Birds Rio, and will make its appearance in “app stores everywhere” in March 2011.

The 20th Century Fox distributor and Rovio have teamed up to create a new game, Angry Birds Rio for Symbian, iPhone and of course Android tablets and smartphones.

The Angry Birds Rio version will bring 45 new levels of Angry Birds based around the characters and events of the new movie. So, check out this teaser video that Rovio has released: