Windows Phone 8 will support dual-core CPU’s, microSD cards, NFC and several resolutions

There are a range of information on Windows Phone 8, code-named Apollo. This will bring more news on Microsoft’s platform, which should make the OS more functional and attractive.

One of the most important new features is the support for dual-core or quad-core processors. Very important, this option will offer manufacturers of mobile devices the opportunity to create better devices that ever before.

Another thing that will contribute towards the device’s performance, and entry level, is support for more resolutions. Accurate resolutions are not known, but we will probably see the whole range, from 320×480 to 720×1280 pixels.

Support for microSD cards is another welcome development. Windows Phone can use this time than internal memory, which limits users to the 16 or 32 GB that includes producer. Sometimes it can be useful to add a 32 GB microSD card. This will be possible starting with Windows Phone 8.

Apollo will support NFC. We do not know yet whether the mobile payments will be successful, but all manufacturers are betting on this technology and include the necessary hardware.

Developers and they should be happy for Windows Phone 8 will allow them to develop mobile applications using code almost entirely related to computers with Windows applications. This will reduce development time and will enrich the Windows Marketplace with several useful applications. In fact, Microsoft still expects to reach 100.000 applications for Windows Phone up at launch of Apollo.

Last but not least, Internet Explorer will be improved. It to Version 10 and will compress the data traffic, as does Opera Mini. Technology will allow you to use less MB when you are connected to the Internet through a mobile connection, which reduces your costs.

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