Google Earth 6 brings 3D trees and integrated Street Views

Google Earth 6Google has updated its popular mapping program Google Earth to Google Earth 6, which brings a lot of new features and improvements, including Street View and 3D Trees.

The new version of Google Earth brings a new interface for the Street View feature, so you can now enter the full 360-degree panoramic view of the streets just by zooming in on them. The Street View enabled streets are blue and, you also got the Pegman, which is the orange guy who helps you to navigate on Street View.

Unlike our earlier Street View layer, you can now move seamlessly from one location to another as if you’re walking down the street by using the scroll-wheel on your mouse or the arrow keys on your keyboard.

The second great new feature which is also available in Google Earth 6, are the 3D trees. These 3D trees can be enabled by enabling the 3D buildings layer on the left side panel. You need to click the zoom slider down to the ground and then you can see in action the ground-level navigation mode and walk among the trees.

[Via techtree]

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