Rumor: Nokia reveals the “U” concept device

Nokia UA few days ago we were talking about how Nokia is one step back in the mobile industry competition, a competition with some well known and appreciated contestants, Android and iPhone.

This Nokia “U” concept is quite catchy, is a simple and good looking phone with some resembling with the Nokia N8 but a lot more slimmer. Nokia “U” concept was born thanks to Design By Community project and seems to combine all that Nokia fab-bois want from a device.

Speaking about design, Nokia “U” will be made out of metal and let’s be onest, look at it, it doesn’t look like an usual Nokia. That’s why, we have to give them a star and  admit is quite a huge progress.

Let’s see what it has to bring. Well, the specs whisper about a 4-inch display, a 8 megapixels camera with 4x optical zoom, HDMI, USB 3.0 and Dolby Surround Sound.

We don’t know yet nothing about a release date or anything like that, we don’t even know if the concept will take this certain shape. All we have to do, is wait for other specs and hope this gorgeous it’s going to be put into production as soon as possible.

[Via KYM]

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