Recover your iPhone’s lost data with Spy Stick

iPhone-spy-stickWith the Spy Stick you can recover your lost data from any iPhone device that runs iOS 3.x (and iOS 4 from October).

iPhone Spy Stick can recover any type of file, lost or deleted. The price of this awesome accessory is quite expensive $199, but if you are a businessman and your iPhone is just indispensable, that price is nothing.

With Spy Stick for iPhone you can get back any text messages, contacts, call history, photos, voice memos, calendar reminders, phone properties, map history, internet history and more.

The procedure of recovering your data is very simple, you just have to connect the USB flash to your iPhone device, and you’re done.

But for those of you who can afford to buy this accessory, including me, i advice you to note down your contacts on a paper in your free time, because it never knows what can happen.

If you want to buy this accessory visit the Brickhouse Security website.


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