Apple prepares a new iPad 5 with new design and iPad Mini 2 with retina display

ipad-mini-2-retinaLatest rumors about 5th generation of iPad tablet shows that in next two months Apple is ready to launch it with a complete redesign and with a good autonomy of battery. According to our source, the major change of design is represented by decreasing the black edge of the screen. Also, the battery autonomy was enhanced by suppressing one of the two LED`s that light up the touchscreen.

Also, we have some news about iPad 2 Mini. The smallest tablet of Apple, is expected to come with same screen but this time with Retina display and with the same strategy as the 5th iPad generation, by reducing the black edge around the screen. The iPad mini is expected to be released somewhere at the end of this year.

In my opinion, I appreciate that Apple finally decided to reduce the unused space around the screen and also it focuses on improving battery life. What changes would you like to bring the new Apple Tablet?

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